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Worship & Warfare BannersHand painted silk
Worship & Warfare BannersWorship & Warfare Banners
Worship & Warfare Bannershand painted silk banners fromOut Of Our Minds Banners
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Warfare and Worship Banners

Silk Product Formats

To purchase your silk flag, scarf garment etc. online, first select a design in our Online Shop, then click on a design to view the design in full detail to select your required format.

Large flag
Dimensions: 200 cm x 115 cm 79 inch x 45 inch
Example of Large flag

To really make an impact!

These large hand-painted silk flags are ideal for a man or woman after God's own heart. Great for public worship indoors or outdoors. Can be seen from greater distances and make a very strong statement in parades, processions, performance. Large flags are particularly effective when used to minister to individuals and groups.

Available in all our designs!

Medium flag
Dimensions: 150 cm x 89 cm 59 inch x 34 inch
Example of Medium flag

When you're limited for space.

These medium sized handpainted silk flags are ideal if there are low ceilings or confined spaces. They are useful for dance groups, having an impact outdoors and ministering to individuals. Very easy to handle for teenagers and older children.

Available in all our designs!

Small flag
Dimensions: 100 cm x 57 cm 39 inch x 22 inch
Example of Small flag

For children and very confined spaces.

These smaller hand-painted silk flags add colour and can be tucked away easily. Especially good for limited space and for children of all ages. They add a touch of colour without needing very much room.

Available in all our designs!

Garment of Praise
Dimensions: n/a
Example of Garment of Praise

Put on a Garment of Praise for any reason.

Become a walking flag inside this handpainted garment. The garment slips over existing clothing and feels great. It is hard to fell "heavy" with one of these beautifully bright and light garments on you. There is nothing subtle about this. Our biggest wearable flag. One size fits most. For extra-tiny or extra-large worshippers ask for a quote!

Available in all our designs!

Dimensions: 200 cm x 58 cm 79 inch x 23 inch
Example of Wrap

A wearable flag - for a big statement in the Spirit!

For a woman who is not embarrassed to stand up and be counted. This large accessory adds a splash of colour to any outfit - take it where flags cannot go or whip it off and use it as a flag when the time is right. A bold prophetic accessory.

Available in all our designs!

Square Scarf
Dimensions: 89 cm square 34 inch square
Example of Square Scarf

Make a prophetic statement with your wardrobe.

It was created in response to intercessors wanting to take and use these prophetic objects when flags were less appropriate. A wearable flag - make a prophetic statement with your wardrobe. This hand-painted silk scarf is versatile and dramatic. Makes a strong statement and can lead to very productive connections. Great for the intercessors, prophets and people wanting to make a strong statement. Wonderful as a gift!

Available in all our designs!

Long Scarf
Dimensions: 150 cm x 50 cm 59 inch x 11 inch
Example of Long Scarf

A classy wearable flag for any occasion.

A wearable flag - a classy and versatile statement for any occasion. This handpainted silk scarf can be worn in your hair, around your neck or hips! Make a colourful statement with meaning. Excellent gift or classy accessory.

Available in all our designs!

Dimensions: n/a
Example of Tie

A wearable flag for men!

Here's your chance to wear a flag into work or any situation and remind yourself all day of a concept or attribute of God. Hand-painted, 100% silk in bright colours and designs to go with any mood and compliment any outfit. Make a statement in the right Spirit!

Ties are available in most designs; however there are a few designs that just don't work on ties.

Dimensions: 300 cm x 10 cm 118 inch x 4 inch
Example of Ribbon

A moving, elegant prophetic statement!

Classic gymnastic ribbons for the everyday. These handpainted silk ribbons are three meters long for easy use. Older children enjoy them. They bring colour and movement quite different to the traditional flags shape.

Ribbons are available in most of our designs; however there are a few designs that just don't work as ribbons.


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